Pardon Our Dust!

Reston Town Center is rehabilitating and enhancing the Fountain Plaza and Pavilion areas to ensure their continued place at the center of RTC for years to come. Originally built in the early 1990s, both areas have long been at the heart of many traditions and events at RTC. The renovation work will add to the vibrant and unparalleled year-round uses of both areas, while making needed structural and mechanical repairs. In addition, the improvements will reflect the dynamic nature of current market demands and needs while the spirit and underlying principles of the original design are maintained.


The Pavilion is home to many annual events throughout the year including the beloved ice rink. Several improvements will be implemented in the Pavilion area including:

  • Installation of two fire pits in front of the Pavilion adjacent to Market Street which will add to the holiday and cooler months experience, and installation of large fans in the Pavilion will help cool the space during warmer months for both formal and informal gatherings

  • Expansion of the Pavilion through the service street that is adjacent to the Hyatt to create more flexibility and space for programming, events, and daily activations

  • Construction of a wooden deck that will serve as a seating area and a stage for smaller events and performances

  • Addition of inviting and comfortable seating areas in the artificial turf area during warm months


The internationally renowned Fountain Plaza will retain the beauty of the Mercury Fountain while landscaping, circulation, seating, and overall ambiance will be improved. The work in and around the Fountain Plaza will include:

  • Renovation of the lower base area of the fountain and replacement of the entire outdated mechanical system. While the original design of the upper base and Mercury statue will remain unchanged, the lower base will feature new tiling, expanded seating, and tiered landscaping.

  • Addition of new trees and plantings introduced to replace aged greenery and damaged root systems

  • Expansion of outdoor seating including stadium style structures and traditional tables and chairs